Stereo Speakers & Music Systems in ‘The Library’

There is nothing quite like dropping the needle on the record (or touching play on your iPhone) and listening to two-channel stereo music with all it’s warmth, detail, and clarity. Music is our passion, and, true to our roots, our Library room hosts some of the finest two-channel music systems that also happen to represent incredible value.

We have Bowers & Wilkins’ (B&W) 800 Diamond Series speakers , along with almost the entire 800 Series for your listening pleasure! In fact, AVE is the only place in the Phoenix, AZ, area where you can demo not only the 800 Diamond Series (D2), but nearly every current B&W speaker! You can also demo other incredible speaker brands, including Vienna Acoustics or Totem through a pair of Classé Monoblock amplifiers or the legendary NAD Master Series. Bring your vinyl, because we have Rega turntables for analog listening, along with high-quality CD players, BlueSound music streamers, and Sony Hi-Res Audio streaming devices. We even have the latest technology for your listening pleasure: Tidal Hi-Res Audio streaming music service. If you love music as much as we do, you need to pay us a visit.

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