Home Theater Systems Showroom

Forget the commercial Cineplex. Come visit our showroom to experience a home theater that allows you to truly escape into the onscreen action. Audio Video Excellence is the only home theater showroom in Arizona that boasts a professionally designed, built and acoustically engineered CinemaTech Theater. It features 11 in-wall Wisdom Audio speakers and four Wisdom subwoofers, all amplified by over 9000 watts of Wisdom Audio Class D power amplifiers and expertly controlled via Classé’s CT-SSP Surround Sound Processor (arguably the finest pre/pro – Preamp/Processor – in the world). You have to hear this theater to believe, and we welcome you in anytime to do so.

Experience Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

We are also one of the few audio video showrooms in Arizona to feature a separate cutting-edge 7.2+4 Dolby Atmos Theater, processed and powered by Anthem, and using Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 700 series in-wall / in-ceiling speakers. If that doesn’t thrill you, we invite you to demo our Classé Sigma 7.2 Theater and NAD Master Series 7.2 theaters to find the type of setup that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Are You Ready for 4K Ultra HD?

4K Ultra HD is the talk of the town, and looks amazing on a big screen, with four times the resolution of high-defintion. At Audio Video Excellence, our home theater systems are beautifully projected on a massive 156-inch ultra-widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 projector screen using a Sony 4K Ultra HD projector. If you aren’t ready to take the 4K plunge just yet, we also have aWolf Cinema projector. Both the Wolf and Sony have a variable aspect ratio feature, so we can change from standard HDTV (16:9) to Cinemascope mode (2.35:1) instantly, with the touch of a button and no black bars flanking the image. Come in to the showroom and we’ll show you a demo that will knock your socks off!

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