B&W 600 Series Speakers

Grand Opening Specials at the New Location:

November, 2018

Please join us for our Grand Opening on Saturday, November 17th from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. with catering by Spiga Italian Restaurant, right next door to our new location at: 7500 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, H121, Scottsdale, 85255. We would love to have you join us for the revealing of many new products in our showroom, which promises to be one of the best-of-the-best AV and Automation Showrooms in the Valley and beyond. You will also have a chance to win some amazing door prizes, including a subwoofer from JL Audio, two Sonos One personal powered speakers, a Sony 1100ES surround sound receiver, a Sony 3100ES surround sound receiver, a Sony 800 4K Blu-ray disc player, and two more subwoofers from James Loudspeakers! There are other prizes ‘pending’ from other venders, so keep tuned.

Can’t make the Grand Opening? …. our ‘SPECIALS’ will continue from Nov. 1st through to Jan. 31st There will be some amazing offerings during that season…. Ho-Ho-Ho and a Happy New Year and all that…

B&W 600 Series Speakers

B & W 600 Series Loudspeakers:

November, 2018

The new 600 Series is, in a sentence: ‘Incredible for the Money’. They took a lot of the technology developed in their latest 700 Series and applied it to these new 600 Series models. Only four models are available at this time: the 603 tower speaker at only $1,799 a pair, a larger model 606 bookshelf speaker at $799 a pair, and then their 607 smaller bookshelf speaker at only $599 a pair. They also have their matching center-channel speaker called the HTM6 at only $599. All incorporate a 1” decoupled double-dome aluminum tweeter, their Continuum main drive unit (similar to the 700 series) and a better crossover and cabinet. All at prices that belie their sound quality. I challenge you to find a better speaker at this price.

If you couple a pair of these towers, with the center channel, and then one pair of their bookshelf speakers, a good subwoofer, one of our Sony surround sound receivers and a Sony XBR television, you could have a surround sound system for your home or apartment that would be the envy of many…especially if you have Audio Video Excellence do the installation and tuning. And all this at an affordable price.

JL Fathom Subwoofer

JL Audio:

October, 2018

Well known for the finest subwoofers in the world, we are proud to announce that we now have several models on display in our theaters. These subwoofers set the standard for others to follow – with some models holding multiple patents and give bass impact while remaining neutral and musical that is just hard to imagine unless you hear them. We intend to add more models as we can in the months ahead. Stay tuned.

AVe Logo

Logo Change:

October, 2018

Some of you very perceptive clients noticed we have changed (very slightly) our Logo. Since we had many people wonder what AVE meant… “avenue to what?” So we changed our logo by dropping the E as everyone seems to know what AV means. This actually has made a difference for recognizing what we actually do; so a big thank you for all you who asked the question!

Rega RP10 Turntable


October, 2018

If you are looking for a turntable to add to your system, or looking to improve an older one, you really owe it to yourself to come in a comparison in our sound-room. We have the ability to, fairly quickly, compare four levels of turntables from the British manufacture, REGA and better understand the differences one can achieve by investing more. REGA has long been known for offering the best, manual, belt-driven ‘value oriented’ turntables in the market, starting with the Planar One at only $475 complete with cartridge, all the way up to their awesome RP-10. We have the turntables switched through one of their integrated amps, driving a pair of B&W loudspeakers and the ability to switch between the four levels of turntables and cartridges.

Sonus Faber il Cremonese

Sonus Faber:

September 18, 2018

Sonus Faber from Italy has been world renown for building one of the finest speakers available and we now have several of their Olympica models, a pair of their Serafino Homage Traditions, and their awesome iL Cremonese at $50K a pair. If you have never heard a pair of speakers in this price range, you owe it to yourself to hear these. They really are worth that investment, if your funds allow. Think of them as ‘musical art’ … the fit and finish of these is better than some grand piano’s …and the sound… WOW!

But if that is above your current budget level, the new Sonetto line is truly a big improvement for their reasonably priced product offerings. These are now fully designed and built in Italy and the new tweeter, crossover, and new construction make these not only great looking speakers, but also great sounding in the vintage of the higher end products. AND all the models in this series are now available in Walnut, Piano Black and Satin White at the same price; i.e. no premium for the Walnut finish. These now start at $1699 a pair. Their Sonetto III is one of our favorites at $3,999 a pair. This elegant floor standing speaker is truly a bargain; while the Sonetto V at only $4,999 a pair, or the really good Sonetto VIII at $6,499 a pair, all give you a LOT of value in a truly great design and sound quality for your investment.

The whole staff is envious of those who can afford the Sefafino’s or the iL Cremonese’ – couple those with the new McIntosh MC462 amp or the awesome MC611 mono-block amps, and you are as close to heaven as you can be.

P.S. we also have in their new Gravis 1 and Gravis II subwoofers….similar to REL technology, and really sound great!

McIntosh MA8900


September 9, 2018

Their company motto: Legendary Performance best describes this company… VERY WELL. Although they have been in business almost seventy-five years, and their overall look has not changed too much during that time, their style is ‘super-cool’ again with the retro spin. It also has all the great, new, digital technology, as well as incorporating vintage aspects like a great phono section for turntable lovers. And the sound….wow, mesmerizing would describe it very well. When you hook up a pair of B&W or Sonus Faber loudspeakers, you will get this HUGE smile on your face and just want to tap your foot and listen to music as it was meant to be. Or movies, wow, the power of a home theater built around McIntosh equipment is difficult to fathom. If you are looking for an awesome product, with extremely high value due to their resale return being the very best in our industry, technically superior to many competitors, great retro look, and build quality that shouts American Design and Manufactured exceptionalism, look no further. We carry most of the line of this fine company and are so proud to be one of their key sales-showroom locations. Please come in for a demo …

Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series

Sonus Faber:

January 25, 2018

The B & W Group have been working extremely hard at improving almost every model in their line-up. Many of you have heard the new 700 Series already, which have replaced the CM Series. The look is the same (at least the cabinetry) but the sound is radically better. For example, we had the last pair of CM 10’s on the floor when the new 702 S2’s came in. We placed them side-by-side for a fair comparison but the sound was so improved that then we had trouble moving the older CM 10’s; even when offered at half-price, almost everyone we demo’d them to decided on the 702’s. At $4,449 a pair, this speaker is truly a huge B & W leap forward in sound. Great value…. But then there is the rest of the line, and we have them all for evaluation. From the surprising miniscule 707 S2 at only $1,199 a pair which has incredible bass extension for a tiny bookshelf speaker (looks awesome in their satin white finish), through the 706 S2 at $1,799 a pair, then there is the 705 S2 bookshelf speaker with the tweeter on top at $2,499 … but my personal favorite for both style and sound, is their new floor-standing 704 S2, also at $2499 a pair. The 703 S2 at $3,499 a pair will give you the power and handling of a major speaker; but the aforementioned 702 S2 with an extra woofer over the 703’s and the tweeter on top, will give you the finesse and resolution for which B&W is famous for.

Then there are their new incredible/awesome 800 Series… you gotta love the whole group. The powerful, small, but very heavy, 805 D3 bookshelf speaker will blow you away with bass extension that should be illegal at this size; and then their new 804 D3 floor-standing speaker, with even deeper bass extension, offers incredible performance at the affordable price of $8,999. Remember, these speakers have had literally hundreds of individual improvements over the older D2 models. From better, strong cabinets, to totally new crossovers, better midrange and woofer drivers, still incorporating their fantastic diamond tweeters, almost everything has changed. But, if you have the funds, consider the newly revamped 803 D3 at $16,999 a pair (we show them in their new satin white and aluminum finish) – these will literally blow-away last years’ 802 D2. Or consider their awesome new 802 D3 at $21,999; or their best: the 800 D3 at $29,999 either which will literally demand your attention. We have all their models on display, and can demo them for you with a little advance notice. Driving these with McIntosh equipment is truly a magical, life-changing experience.

Sonus Faber Speakers

Sonus Faber:

May 28, 2016

Wow, Christian and Bob just returned from a three day training sponsored by Sumiko, the parent company of both Sonus Faber loudspeakers and Sumiko subwoofers and have come back very excited about both of these Italian lines. They were blown-away with the demonstrations they were privileged to be a part of, and have gain a new respect and appreciation for this company. Sonus Faber has long had the respect of the high-end audiophile society for their attention to detail, awesome styling, and impeccable finishes. Sumiko subwoofers have very similar traits to the great REL subwoofers (see their blog elsewhere) and offer incredible value, and, like REL a new way of incorporating their subwoofers into both two-channel audio systems and theaters alike. Especially if you are someone who loves their music played in the two- channel world, but also uses this to be part of a theater system, this is the way to go.

The highlight of the training was during their off times, discussing what other dealers throughout the US are doing with these great lines. But the pinnacle was the awesome demonstration of a two channel system with great music on their system worth about $100K. Both Bob and Christian have heard systems at twice this price and higher which were no match for what they heard that day. "It was like being there…." for a fantastic musical performance.

Magnepan 3.7 Speakers


March 18, 2016

If you have the room, and want the best value in speakers world-wide, Maggy is your obvious choice. The negative, is that these are 4-6 feet high and should be placed somewhat off the rear walls. If your significant other is good with that, these speakers will offer magnificent sound for every penny spent. At AVE we have the amazing .7 speaker which has been getting rave reviews from the likes of Absolute Sound and Sensible Sound and the price is only $1395.00 a pair! The upgraded 1.7i is even better (and larger) for only $1995.00 a pair and it's only restriction is the electronics you put in front of it. Being a fairly easy, passive loud, Magneplanar speakers can be driven with a modest, but good amp such as a lower model NAD 316 at only $379.00 but can reveal inner detail seldom heard when you drive them with our large Classe' 600 Watt mono-blocks. So these speakers offer a client an awesome way of building a great system, starting with a modest price, then growing, as funds allow, into an musical tour-de'-force.

CinemaFrame Theater System

Milson Cinemaframe:

January 12, 2016

If you are an interior designer or someone who wants an awesome 7.1 channel system that does not take over your living room or den, the Milson Cinemaframe is worth a look and listen. This high-end sounding system hides almost entirely within the wall cavity. The only thing you will see is a great TV with a beautiful custom border surround it. Hidden in the wall, are a awesome 7.2 capable pre-processor, a 7 channel amp the three front speakers, a subwoofer, and any sources you may have like a cable box, AppleTV, Roku, etc. The only exception would be something like a blu-ray disc player or turntable and these could be placed below this unit, or elsewhere in the home. Great sound, great picture and perfect for those who want understated luxury. We find that these are perfect for a high-end MDU (multiple dwelling unit) or modern homes where space or styling must be accompanied by a great performing A/V system.

Magnepan 3.7 Speakers

The M word, or is that M words…

June 21, 2015

We, at Audio Video Excellence, are very excited about three new products which will soon be in the store. They all start with the letter M and we can tell you about two of them…… please keep watch for the third, which we will announce soon.

Millson, now there’s a name most of you have not heard about. Their main product called CinemaFrame has got to be one of the coolest new products out there. This is a complete 7.2 capable system with the front three channels, the subwoofer, the pre/processor, the 7 channel power amp, and all your ancillary equipment such as a cable box, AppleTV, etc. all tucked in neatly behind the TV and a very custom grill ‘framing’ the television. All will fit neatly into a 2 x 4 wall, no fuss, no muss, an interior designer's dream! AND it sounds awesome. So rather than having a TV mounted on a wall, then either a closet full of equipment or a cabinet below the TV filled with same said equipment, with speakers all over the home, the wall becomes the cabinet for the equipment and most of the speakers. Women just love this clean, uncluttered look; and men love the sound and capability of this system. We should have the system on display late summer or early fall for audition, but you can read about it now at www.cinemaframe.ca

Magneplanar (or Magnepan, or just plain Maggy) is a name most audiophiles are familiar with. These are very thin, 18-24” wide panels which vary in height from 5’ to 6’ depending on the model, of a ‘quasi-ribbon’ design. Extremely quick in response, and almost a perfectly time aligned and extremely good for acoustic music or light orchestra. Not the heavy pounding bass required by a rock lover, but accurate on all kinds of sound venues. This is not a speaker for everyone, but if you can put up with the size and style of this speaker, it does offer, unquestionably, the finest sound available anywhere near it’s price point and may outperform speakers costing up to ten times that range according to most of the experts, such as the staff at The Absolute Sound (magazine). And they are 100% Made in America. We are showing three models (actually two, with a variation on the one model) starting at $1,395.00/pair. Come and listen and be amazed. This much detail, imaging, music, all for such a relatively low a price! Wow.

802D2 Speakers

Grand Opening Specials

February 15, 2015

Join us for our Grand Opening on March 18th, from 4-8pm. Several of our suppliers will be onsite in our beautiful showroom to demonstrate their products. To show our appreciation for stopping by and checking out our incredible new showroom, we're giving you chances to win some amazing door prizes, including a B & W Zeppelin Air wireless music system (valued at almost $600) and a pair of their awesome P-3 headphones given away hourly! Can't make the Grand Opening party? Don't worry; we've got you covered! During the first few months of opening our new showroom, we will be offering some of our best pricing for the season. When the timing is right for you, come in and be rewarded with special pricing and a whole new experience in home audio & video – AVE.

Devialet - Join the Revolution


January 22, 2015

Perhaps the most exciting, new product and amplifier design to come along since the new millennium. Utterly sophisticated, cool, and brilliant in design and function, this product sets new standards of luxury and engineering. If you are ready to leave behind the conventional look and feel of audio electronics and want to step up to the next level of audio performance in a unique design with proprietary technologies, come see and experience the Devialet brand. Some day everyone will own a Devialet

Bowers & Wilkins 802D2

B & W loudspeakers

December 8, 2014

As the most highly acclaimed and best-selling line of speakers priced above $2,000/pair worldwide, we have virtually every speaker model on display in our store from this legendary company. Each model makes a significant improvement in sound quality, or Bowers and Wilkins simply does not introduce it. From the modestly priced new and improved 600 S2 Series, to the critically acclaimed 800 Series with diamond tweeters, these speakers have set the bar very high for others to follow. Come and listen to what B & W speakers can do to elevate your listening enjoyment in your home or office today.

BlueSound Family

Tidal and BlueSound

November 23, 2014

Are you ready for a new experience in listening? Let us introduce you to what we feel is the best Hi-Res streaming service available today, Tidal. Currently we are streaming this service to several BlueSound devices around the store, so come for a visit and let us introduce you to the next generation of listening. With devices that will allow you to rip and store your current collection of CD music in a simple and easy method, to devices that will wirelessly play your existing and new Hi-Rez music throughout your home and office, at a price so low, it will astound you.

Paradigm Prestige

Paradigm Prestige Series

November 2, 2014

The new series from Canadian speaker designer Paradigm are truly world-class luxury products, made in Canada, offering sophisticated design and sound at an affordable price for a product of this level. For us it's all about live music and, to quote Paradigm: "It takes an extraordinary level of loudspeaker performance to reproduce that thrilling experience in the comfort of your home. That's the goal of our new Prestige Series." Come listen and experience this for yourself at AVE.

Sony Hi-res Audio Player

Sony 4K and Hi-Res streaming

September 16, 2014

Sony, a name synonymous with great televisions, projectors and now leading the Hi-Res streaming devices venue, has the gone back to its roots by providing perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy music and movies in your home today. From their true 4K (four times 1080P) projectors and televisions, to their award winning Hi-Res servers and, yes, their awesome speakers (which Absolute Sound rates as one of the finest available in their price range), Sony has truly returned as a leader in the A/V world again.

Rega Union Jack

Rega turntables and electronics and Totem speakers

August 29, 2014

Handcrafted in England, Rega offers legendary performance with awarding winning analog systems available at prices that will put a smile on your face. The Absolute Sound regards Rega products as some of the best buys in the industry. AVE believes the combination of Rega turntables and integrated amps/CD players, coupled to the awesome Totem loudspeakers, provides a musical experience unrivaled by the mass merchandised products shown in most retail environments, and at prices that even a college student can afford.


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